Emaer Kimya

As Turkey’s only domestic nail file manufacturer, we produce quality and hygienic nail and foot files and disinfectant wipes.
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20 Years of Experience

We Are Manufacturer

Local Production

In our production facilities, we meet the needs of cosmetics and ıronmongery segments with the our manufactured products.

Current Technology

We always develop our products quality by accomodating latest technology conditions.

High quality Product

We are pioneer firm thanks to the approach of value of quality over anything.

Our Productions

Production of Nail Files and Alcohol Wipes

Emaer Kimya is a prominent brand in the health sector with the production of high quality “Nail File” and “Alcohol Wipes” used in the treatment of nail fungus. By utilising the most advanced production techniques and stringent quality control processes, our performance exceeds industry standards in these two main products. 

our production

Our References

Some of the companies we work with

Abrasives and Polishers

As an Emaer Kimya firm, we present high quality range of products with the our abrasive product to you,dear valued customers.

Alcohol Swab

Wet wipes containing isopropyl alcohol are products that are generally used for hygiene purposes and provide special cleaning with the alcohol solution they contain. These wipes can be used in medicine kits such as nail fungus or for disinfection.

As Emaer Kimya, we produce in the desired size and quantity. You can contact us for detailed information about our products and production.

Foot Files

Emaer brings an innovative approach to foot care and aesthetics. Our foot files with wooden spatulas, made of natural varnished wood, are designed to meet the needs of every pedicure professional. These spatulas are offered in various models and each offers long-lasting use and aesthetic appearance. Long-term and effective use is possible with replaceable files. Designed especially for pedicurists, these products are ideal in terms of durability and ease of use.

Offer your customers an extraordinary pedicure experience with our high-quality products.

foot files


Rasp Types for Professionals

We care about customer satisfaction

100% Local Production

Get detailed information about our products.