Hale Wooden Pedicure Heel Scraper Spatula

Raw materials : Natural Varnished Beech Wood
Thickness : 8 mm
Length : 24 cm
Width : 5 cm
Weight (pack) : 76 g.
Shelf life : 3 year

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With its magnificent structure, it also takes care of your feet while filing.

  • Thanks to its ergonomic wooden structure, you can easily file your feet.
  • Wooden, sponge and paper are used in the files.
  • Hard tissue can be shaped without any difficulty.
  • It is a product that disappears in nature in a short time.
  • It does not pollute the environment It does not include carcinogenic substances.
  • It is original product.

Local production in European standards
20 years of experince in Abrasive Rasp Products