20 Years of Experience

We Are Manufacturer

Local Production

In our production facilities, we meet the needs of cosmetics and ıronmongery segments with the our manufactured products.

Current Technology

We always develop our products quality by accomodating latest technology conditions.

High quality Product

We are pioneer firm thanks to the approach of value of quality over anything.


Abrasives and Polishers

As an Emaer Abrasiv firm, we present high quality range of products with the our abrasive/polisher product to you,dear valued customers.

Nail Files Varieties

We produce several variety of rasps which is preferred in cosmetics and medical fields. We do not compromise on product of rasps which have got wide product range.

Foot File Products

Foot file products produced at high quality standards within Emaer which is made of durable materials.

Antiperspirant Hygienic Gloves

We care about customer satisfaction

100% Local Production

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